Director: Geoff McFetridge
Animation Director: Brian Covalt
Producer: Garrett Braren
Designer: Geoff McFetridge
Animators: Molly Burgess, Stanton Cameron, Courtland Lomax, Kavan Magsoodi, Jovanna Tosello, Matt Wade Compositors: Cadeth Andrews, Kavan Magsoodi
Editor: Cadeth Andrews

Geoff McFetridge

The New York-based illustrator and creative director Geoff McFetridge created the look and feel of the project with his humourous and wimsical illustrations. Each runner was distinct and refernced runners we’ve all met before: Runners who run because they can eat a lot, showboat runners, and runners who run fastest around pretty girls.
Footlocker x Asics: All Runners Welcome  
The Los Angeles-based agency Moving Colour produced animated sequences by New York illustrator Geoff McFetridge. There were a series of illustrations depecting styles of Footlocker x Asics runners. Each drawing was brought to life by Brian Covalt’s animation team.

The ProcessThe look and feel of the piece replicated traditional hand drawn animation. We started with a seriers of illustrated runners. Each of the of Geoff’s drawings were brought to life in their own special way. Do you have a favorite?