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Client: Today - NBCNews  Digital
Year: 2019

Head of Special Projects: Lisa Tolin
Senior Editor: Jane Weaver
Senior Editor: Gabrielle Frank 
Senior Editor: Rheana Murray
Art Direction: Jovanna Tosello

Dismissed is a special package for the TODAY Show and, focusing on the first-person stories of women who are harmed by the inherent biases within the American medical system.The goal of the project was to illuminate that all medical care is NOT created equal--especially for women.

In order to complement the of deeply-personal and heart-renching stories of pain and loss, we chose to pair the narrative with a series of hand-drawn illustrations. Hand-drawn art has a unique power to connect with the reader’s empathy--it communicates subjectivity and voice. 

The project was a joint effort between the Special Projects team, NBCNews Medical Unit, and the Today Show. The product was an  interactive reader experience.

Dismissed: Editorial Package

'It wasn't about my weight'

How weight bias in medicine can lead to missed diagnosis and physical and mental pain.

Dismissed: Editorial Package


It’s a sex and gender gap every woman needs to know about.

Dismissed: Editorial Package

It's not all in our heads

Women speak out about how doctors dismissed their
pain, downplayed their symptoms or simply
sent them to a psychiatrist.