The Secret of You and Me - Book Cover

Date: 2019
Role: Illustrator

The Secret of You and Me as a collaboration between myself and the creative director at Harliquin and Pengine Publishing. We created a cover illustration that complimented the novel’s narrative structure, while at the same time, creating a bold visual to grab the attention of the viewer.

Early Sketches:

The story follows two women who rekindle their love after the landmark decission of Obergefell v. Hodges gives them the courage to live their romantic lives in public. 

Although their romantic bond was kindled in youth, they were not able to continue their romantic relationship as they faced mounting discrimination against same-sex couples and gay women. 

The novel is a Juliet and Juliet type story, as two star-crossed lovers born 40 years too early. On one hand, their love was stolen by cultural bigotry, only to be able to restart their relationship as older women.