August 2018
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Issue No. 25 Journeys

The beginning of a trip, much like the end, is beside the point: it’s how you get there that counts. This month, we’re exploring all kinds of migrations, human and otherwise.

Issue 25 was the last issue published by Topic Magazine.

March 2019
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 Rachael Ray's Nutrish ︎︎︎

If your furry child thinks fish is delish, she’ll delight in Rachael Ray Nutrish Soft Spots Salmon Flavored Cat Treats! Using a mouth-watering recipe inspired by Rachael Ray’s kitchen, these tasty goodies have earned five-star ratings from the most discerning kitty food critics. Your feline friend deserves nothing but the best, and these Soft Spots deliver — with real salmon as the number one ingredient and containing no poultry by-products, meals or artificial flavors. Their moist, chewy consistency and savory taste makes them delicious as well as easy on cats’ teeth.

July 2020
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The Intercept ︎︎︎

The handwritten notes represent an archive of the Covid-19 crisis in Arizona detention centers, where hundreds of immigrants and staff have tested positive.

In June, women held at Eloy Detention Center, a private immigration prison in Arizona owned and operated by CoreCivic, began to write down what they were going through. The letter writers did so despite the threat of retaliation, because, they said, people had to know what was happening. “You can’t speak freely here,” one woman wrote.

November 2018
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TODAY’s Interactive Cleaning Guide︎︎︎

The TODAY show commissioned a comprehsive cleaning guide, with interactive capabilities, for every room in the house. The goal was to serve the TODAY.COM audience who are interested in practical take-aways that add value to their day to day.

We produced six interactive pages that illustrated different rooms in the house: kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, and backyard.

June 2019
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There's a gender gap at the doctor's office every woman needs to know about. Meet the doctors fighting for change.

Women have different ways of having a heart attack than men, so when traditional tests — based on men’s bodies — show everything is “normal,” female heart patients are often told it must be reflux or anxiety: "Women are stigmatized as being anxious," McGregor said. But in reality, doctors don’t have the diagnostic tests yet to uncover heart problems more common in women, like microvascular disease and spontaneous coronary artery dissections.